• Masseria Quis ut Deus

    La gioia di visitarci, la malinconia di lasciarci. Scopri, vivi, emozionati.

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  • Un tuffo nel passato

    Immergiti nei luoghi storici e nelle tradizioni del nostro territorio

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Masseria & Hotel

Take a rest in Masseria Quis ut Deus surrounded by nature with ancient olive trees and by scents of typical local food.
You may choose among ten charming rooms, double bed, with shower tub, minibar, air conditioning, ALL furnished with natural wood.


Events & Offers

Stays between health, relaxation for the couple and particular moments to share in the cultural salons with friends on various topics.


Spa & Resort

In Ancient “Trulli” there is the Quis ut Deus SpA, for the exclusive use of the couple, which  promoting relaxation and well-being, in absolute privacy and a magical atmosphere. Here takes place the Path of Purification, according to the ancient concept of the evolution of Man, which transports guests from Hell, Purgatory and finally to Paradise, as going from turkish bath, Kneipp at up to an impressive Idromassage bath with  water fall.


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